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The Car Spa of Highlands
Where Cars Go To "ReWax"


We are currently in the process up upgrading all of the wash equipment
here at The Car Spa of Highlands to the new WashWorld Razor.
Please bear with us during this exciting transition into new cutting edge state of the art equipment.
We look forward to offering you the best up to date equipment available and your continued loyalty.
We will keep you updated on our process. Click here for a video on the Razor system.
Unfortunately, a few weeks ago The Car Spa of Highlands recieved a huge power surge from our power company
and ever since then we are unable to accept credit cards and WashCards at this time.  Cash Only. 
 WASHCARD CUSTOMERS please stay tuned for updates on this webpage and also emails
informing you of what The Car Spa of Highlands will be transitioning into in order to serve you better in the future.
Please rest assured that your money that you have prepaid on your WashCards is safe and is not going anywhere
and will be there for you as soon as we upgrade our systems.
We promise, we will make it worthwhile to stay with us but please understand that there a lot of new equipment that has to arrive in Highlands, be installed and also tested.
Thank you so much for your patience! 
Environmentally friendly chemicals are used that are tough on dirt
.......but friendly to your cars finish.
We still offer Rain-X Complete Surface Protectant (click to see results)!
With the new WashWorld Razor, we will also offer wash packages with Foam'n Flow. Click Here to see. 
Together you will get the best wash possible and if you don't, please let us know.
Our goal is to provide you with the most convenient car washing experience 24/7.
Please call us at 828-526-2267 if you have any questions. 

Open Year Round 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week
We do close anytime the temperature gets below 24 degrees in the winter.
Not because our WashWorld equipment will freeze
but  in order to give your vehicle the best wash possible at The Car Spa of Highlands.

Please remember Mitchell's Lodge & Cottages when your family and friends arrive and want to stay in Highlands.
We have been their home away from home since 1939.
Make a reservation or see our facilities
now by clicking here